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Home Kit 900 mhz GSM / 3G rural
Created: 2017-11-14 / Modified: 2019-04-02
Home Kit 900 mhz GSM / 3G rural   (ID: 7)
New Arrivals, DIY Kit
R 3800.00
500 ml
DIY Home kit Cellphone booster kid on the 900 mhz (GSM/ 2G) band. This will boost your Voice signal. However it is possible that you can have better data speed as well. This 900 mhz band is frequently used in the rural farming area in the Northern Cape / Free State to support a 3 G data rate. If you don't know what to choice, this is the safest option to enhance voice. Kit comes with 15 m cable and antenna. Coverage 5-10 meter radius area. Hierdie DIY kit is op die 900 Mhz band. Dit sal verseker jou praat kanaal verbeter, maar die kanse is ook goed dat jou data spoed sal vermeerder. As jy op die platteland bly is waar daar nie 'n hoe dightheid van mense woon nie , word die 900 mhz kanaal ook gebruik om 3G data spoed te gee. Gee jou 5-10 radius dekking.
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